We are committed to making our site accessible to all users and our website has been designed to meet the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

What computer do I need to use your website?

You can access our website using most computers. However to get the most out of our website we recommend the following settings and software:

Web Browsers

A web browser is the program that you use to access the internet. If some sections of our website are not working correctly this could be resolved by using our recomended browser.


  • Mozilla Firefox version (Current Version) 
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX.

Download Links

Allowed Browsers

These are generally older browsers which are coming to the end of their life or newer browsers which we have not had the opportunity to test fully. You can also access our website using the following browsers however you may experience some problems:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10 
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 3.6 & above 
  • Apple Safari 4 & above 

(Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and iPhone and iPad versions of the Safari browser are not currently supported.)

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, changes to your browser are required before you will be able to access the site. Please refer to our help guide on how to set the IE10 compatibility view.

When you log into our website you maybe presented with a browser warning message. This message appears if we detect that the browser you are using is not the most up to date. If you are experiencing no problems with our website and do not wish to update your browser you can elect to ignore this message.

Please note that when new a new version of a browser is released we need to test it before adding it to our list of allowed browsers. You may find that recently released versions of a browser maybe blocked from our site until we are able to test it.


If our website looks squashed with not all information fitting on the page then this maybe resolved by changing the resolution on your system.

The minimum recommended resolution to view our site is 1152x864. Please use the following steps to change your screen resolution.

Windows XP users:

Minimize all windows and right click on your desktop. From the menu that appears select Properties. A new window will then open on screen. From the new window click the Settings tab: You then need to use the slide control to increase the resolution to a minimum of 1152x864 then click Apply.

Windows Vista users:

Minimize all windows and right click on your desktop. From the menu that appears select Personalize. A new window will open on screen from which you should select Display Settings; to adjust your screen resolution to a minimum of 1152x864.

Contract Notes & Account Documents

To be able to view your contract notes, statements and other account documents on our website you will need to download and install Adobe Reader from

Download Adobe Reader