How to Trade

Online Trading

Our online dealing service is secure and easy to use. Once your account is open you will receive a username, Login Password and Dealing Password.

You can login to your account by clicking on the secure login on this website. You will be asked to enter your username (this is your account number) and 3 random characters from your Login Password.

Once logged in to your account in our secure site you can place trades, view your portfolio and statements, manage your account and use the extensive research, company information and news that we provide to help your make your investment decisions.

You will be able to start investing once your first payment has been credited to your account. Go to cash & transfers > add cash to fund your account by Debit Card.

Finally when you place your trade you will be asked for your Dealing Password which is different to your Login Password. If you did not receive this Password along with your Login Password, please contact our Customer Services team on 1 800 646 582.

How to settle up

When you place a trade the standard time you have to make your payment, in either cash for purchases or stock for sales, is two working days. Find out more about how to make a payment into your account.

Online trading Security

128 bit encryption as used by European and US banking industries to ensure your details and trading is as secure as possible.

Managing Your Account

We have made it easy for you to manage your account by providing a Nominee service, which lets you store your shares with us in electronic format so you don't have to worry about paper certificates. Our service allows you to hold cash with in your Account, so that fees and purchases are paid for from the cash in your account and sales proceeds are automatically deposited.