How to Trade

Telephone Trading

On rare occasions it may be necessary to take orders for certain trades over the telephone. These will usually be charged at standard online rates. However, if the order cannot be traded through our system and we need to call the market to place the trade, please note that you will be charged telephone rates for these trades. These rates can be found in our Rates & Charges.

How Telephone Trading Works

1. Call 1 800 646 582


2a. Choose option 2 for Share Dealing and you will be connected to a Customer Service Representative.

3a. You will be asked for 2 random characters from you login password.

4a. Request live prices from our Customer Services Representative.


2b. Choose option 1 for automated share prices.

3b. Choose your investment type and state the full name of company or index.

4b. Receive live prices through an automated system and transfer to a Customer Services Representative.

5. Confirm a live price and place a trade with a Customer Service Representative.

6. You will receive a contract note electronically or by post to confirm your trade.

Telephone Trading Hours

Market orders can be processed during the Stock Market mandatory quote period of 08.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday excluding UK Bank Holidays. We can also take orders outside of these hours: Monday to Friday 07.45 to 08.00 IST and 16.30 to 18.00 IST; and Saturday 09.00 - 15.00 IST.

The International Telephone Dealing Service is open from 07.45 to 21.00 IST Monday to Friday.

How to settle up

When you place a trade the standard time you have to make your payment, in either cash for purchases or stock for sales, is two working days. Find out more about how to make a cash payment.