Trading Account

What does our Trading Account offer?

The Trading Account allows you to trade not only on the Irish and UK markets but also on a further 14 live international exchanges. You also have the option to trade in Bonds, Gilts, and collectives like ETF's. You can also trade in UK Warrants and Covered Warrants subject to completion of an Appropriateness Assessment.

The Trading Account offers online trading, with shares held electronically on your behalf through our Nominee Service. Your trades are automatically settled with funds either being credited to, or debited from your account.

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How much does it cost?

Online trading is a simple flat fee of €20.00, or just €15.00 per trade when you trade more than 10 times a quarter.

We charge an Account Management Fee of €30 + VAT every six months but we only charge this on accounts that have not traded and have a combined cash and stock valuation of less than €5,000.

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Dealing Features

  • Price Improvement - where possible we automatically poll a number of market makers to obtain the best price available in the market at the time of trading your shares. This may provide an improved price than the one being quoted by the market.
  • Flexible order types - limit your risk by stating the price you wish to achieve before trading. Choose from: market, limit, fill or kill and stop loss.
  • Real time prices.
  • Access to in depth company research.
  • Stockwatch - create virtual portfolios and keep track of profits or losses you could have made without risking your real money.

Trading Account Benefits

  • Trade directly on Irish and 17 international exchanges.
  • Invest in: Irish, UK and international shares, Gilts, Bonds, Exchange Traded Commodities, Warrants and Covered Warrants.
  • Flat commission fee €20.00 online or just €15.00 when you trade 10 times or more a quarter. See full rates and charges
  • Online access.
  • Nominee service - we hold your shares electronically and take care of your paperwork, while you remain the beneficial owner.
  • Our service allows you to hold cash with in your Account, so that fees and purchases are paid for from the cash in your account and sales proceeds are automatically deposited.
  • You can hold cash in 7 currencies within your Account: UK Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Joint account option.

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