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Order Types

We offer several order types to help you keep control of your investments even when you cannot monitor prices.

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Transferring to us

Whether you wish to transfer from another broker or transfer paper certificates in, simply fill in the necessary form and we will contact your existing broker and arrange the transfer.

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Practice Investing with Stockwatch

Stockwatch is our virtual portfolio facility, which lets you create watch lists and see what gains and losses you could have made on them.

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Derivatives Trading 

More information on Margin, how to fund your Derivatives Trading Account as well as details about the Derivatives order types available to you.

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ii Spread Trading 

Here we provide detailed information about Margin, payments into your ii Spread Trading Account and which order types can be used for Spread Trading.

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Learn About Investing

This section gives you information on understanding shares, risk and how to choose your investments.

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We provide a glossary containing definitions of financial and investment terms with simple explanations.

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Give Small Holdings to Charity

Tidy your portfolio free of charge by donating unwanted shares to charity that would otherwise cost more to sell than they are worth.

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