Order Types

We offer several order types to help you keep control of your investments for times when you cannot constantly monitor prices.


When the market is open we can get an electronic, real time price for your order. You will see a firm quote that will be valid for 15 seconds and if you accept that quote the order will be dealt immediately at that price.

If there is no firm quote available electronically you can send your order to our dealers who will ring the market to place your trade 'at best'. This ensures that your order is dealt at the next available opportunity but you won't know the price you've received until the order has been dealt.

If placing an order when the markets are closed you are also choosing to have your order dealt 'at best' at the next available opportunity.

We automatically poll a number of market makers to obtain the best price available in the market at the time of trading your shares. This may lead to customers receiving an improved price than the one being quoted by the market.


Limit orders let you leave an order to be dealt automatically once the price hits your specified limit. We will constantly monitor the share prices for you up to 90 days for UK orders and 20 days for international orders.

Limit (sell) - an order to sell only if the price rises to your specified level.

Limit (buy) - an order to buy only if the price falls to your specified level.

Stop Loss

Stop losses let you leave an order to automatically sell if the price of a stock falls to your chosen level. The order will be dealt at market best as soon as the stop loss price has been reached.

Fill or Kill (all or nothing)

A fill or kill lets you place an order with a limit price, and if our dealers can get your limit price or better, there and then your order will be placed (filled). If it is not possible to get your desired limit price it will be cancelled (killed).