What is it?

Watchlist is a virtual portfolio facility, which lets you create up to ten watch lists and see what gains and losses you could have made on them.

Watchlist  is a good way to learn about the stock market and keep track of profits and losses you could have made without risking your real money. It is as realistic as an actual portfolio as it shows the bid /offer spread, total cost of assumed purchase and movements throughout the day.

How does it work?

When you add a stock to a list we ask you to enter a number of shares and a value. We then show the movement in price for that stock so you can review the value of any certificated shareholdings or stocks that you are interested in.

You can add Irish, UK and International listed shares to a watchlist.

What account do I need?

Stockwatch is available to all our Trading Account customers online. Login now and go to portfolio > watchlist.