Rates & Charges

You’ll find details of our rates and charges here. Alternatively you can download a PDF version. 

Online trading commission charges


Trades up to €100,000

Trades €100,000.01 to €4999,999.99 Trades €500,000 and above

Frequent Trader


€47.00 €75.00



€52.00 €80.00

Your commission rate is worked out at the end of each month, taking into account trades across all linked accounts. If you’ve traded 10 or more times in the preceding 3 month period you’ll qualify for the Frequent Trader rate, on all your linked accounts, from the start of the next month.

Telephone trades

On rare occasions it may be necessary to take orders for certain trades over the telephone. These will usually be charged at standard online rates. However, if the order cannot be traded through our system and we need to call the market to place the trade then the order will be charged at the following rates:

Trade value Rate
Under €1,000 €30.00
€1,000 to €2,000.99 €45.00
€2,001 to €4,000.99 €55.00
€4,001 to €20,000 €65.00
Over €20,000 €100.00

Other trading commission charges

Standard commission rate £1.00 Only available for dividend payments and charged in sterling (GBP). For the dividend to be reinvested it should have a value of £10.00 or more.

The above rates apply to standard transactions and may change. You should confirm the current rate at the time of dealing and read the terms for all standard transactions as set out in our Terms of Service. 

Where applicable VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.

International commission is charged in the customer settlement currency and multiplied by the conversion rate (if applicable) subject to the minimum and maximum charges shown.

Account Management Fee

€30.00 (+VAT) every 6 months will be charged on all inactive accounts.

This fee will be every six months, calculated and charged in arrears on or around the last full weekend of June and December. An inactive Trading Account is defined as an account that, at the end of the relevant six months, has had no trades executed on it in previous six months, and has a cash and / or Portfolio balance of €5,000 or less. Portfolio valuation will be based on the closing mid price on the six month period.