Rates & Charges

You’ll find details of our rate and charges here. Alternatively you can download a PDF version.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Rates for all currency conversions

The foreign exchange rate for all currency conversion is based on the bid/offer exchange rate to which we apply a spread up to +/- 1.50% at the time of execution. Details are available on request.

Please note for trades which have required multiple fills to execute, you will be charged an FX at the rate applicable to each individual fill. This may result in a higher FX charge than would be calculated against the whole. Maximum on line transaction £999,999.99. Please call us for higher transactions.

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Transaction Value Margin Rates
£0 to £24,999.99 1.50%
£25,000 to £49,999.99 1.25%
£50,000 to £99,999.99 1.00%
£100,000 to £599,999.99 0.50%
£600,000 or more 0.25%