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Useful Forms

Useful forms

Verification of Identity Form

We will need to verify your identity and address when you apply to open an account with us. To do this you need to:

Download and take the Verification of Identity form to a Bank or Building Society along with your passport and bank statement (dated within the last 6 months), to confirm your name and address.
The Bank or Building Society will endorse photocopies of these documents to confirm your identity and address.

Download a Verification of Identity Form

Asset Transfer Form

To transfer assets held with another broker to us you will need to complete an Asset Transfer form.

Download an Asset Transfer Form

Self-certification forms

UK Tax regulations* require the collection of certain information about each account holders tax residency and citizenship status.

*The term ‘tax regulations’ refers to regulations created to enable automatic exchange of information and include the various Agreements to improve the International Tax Compliance entered into between the UK, the Crown Dependencies and the United States of America.

Download a Self-certification form (INDIVIDUALS)

CREST Transfer Form

To deposit Irish and UK share certificates into your account you will need to download a CREST Transfer Form for each shareholding, returning them to us with the appropriate certificates. Please ensure the details on the transfer forms match exactly with those on your certificate irrespective of spelling mistakes.

Download a CREST Transfer form

United States Dealing (W-8BEN)

As part of our obligations to the US Tax Authorities – Internal Revenue Service (IRS) we are required to document all holders of US securities. Additionally, should you reside in a country that has a treaty with the US you may benefit from treaty relief in respect of dividend and interest payments.

If you wish to invest in US (United States) stocks and shares, you will need to complete the appropriate Form W-8, depending on your account type.

For further information and official guidance please visit the IRS.gov website.

Individual and Joint Name Trading Accounts

Form W-8BEN must be completed in sole name only. If you are a joint account holder, we require a separate W-8BEN for both account holders.

PLEASE NOTE – If you are yet to trade on an International Market with us, you may be required to first upgrade your account before submitting your W-8BEN. To upgrade your account and enable International Dealing, please Login and go to: account > personal details & preferences > Upgrade Your Accounts

Download a W-8BEN form

Download the W-8BEN Guidance Notes

Asset Transfer form (US/Canada)

To transfer assets held with American/Canadian Brokers/Transfer Agents to us you will need to complete an Asset Transfer form - American/Canadian Brokers/Transfer Agent.

Download an Asset Transfer form - American/Canadian Transfer Agents

Send it in

Please return forms to:

Interactive Investor
Exchange Court 
Duncombe Street
United Kingdom 

Important information

The value of your investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back all the funds you invest.